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Curtis Creek

Old Fort, North Carolina

Curtis Creek, nestled in Old Fort, North Carolina, lies just a stone's throw away from downtown. This river is renowned for its abundant Trout population and offers extensive public access along its course. Anglers can anticipate encounters with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Brook Trout while enjoying the scenic beauty and convenience of this popular fishing destination.


Newberry Creek

Old Fort, North Carolina

Newberry Creek, situated in Old Fort, North Carolina, holds significance as McDowell County's inaugural catch-and-release-only stream. It serves as a tributary to Curtis Creek. The creek boasts a diverse population of wild trout, encompassing species such as Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout. This designation underscores the importance of conservation efforts in preserving the ecological balance and biodiversity of the area's waterways.


Catawba Tailrace

Morganton, North Carolina

The Catawba Tailrace is a tailwater below Lake James and boasts a variety of species including Trout and Striper. This is currently the closest tailwater fishery to Charlotte, North Carolina. We focus on Trout from October to May and Striper from May to August. Due to the length of the float, we currently only offer this float in a full day offering.



Sylva, North Carolina

The Tuckasegee offers some great Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Opportunities for anglers looking to learn or test their seasoned skills. For Float trips, we offer full and half-day trips on the Tuckasegee River. 

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Watauga River

Johnson City , Tennesee

The Watauga River is based right outside of Johnson City, and boasts almost 1000 trout per mile. This river is a tailwater, which makes for great trout fishing year-round do to the consistent coldwater release from the damn. We offer a variety of tactics ranging from streamer fishing, dry fly fishing, and nymphing. We love to educate and teach on our trips and guide anglers of all skill levels. We offer 1/2-day and Full day trips on the Watauga River. 

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South Holston River

Bristol, Tennesee

The South Holston River is debated to be one of the best trout streams in the South East. If you like making technical dry fly casts to trout sipping on the surface, or streamer fishing in the winter months. Then this may be the river for you. We offer 1/2-day and Full day trips on the South Holston River. 

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